Wondering who we are?

We are four people who are passionate about ALL of the beautiful art the Bluegrass State is offering to anyone willing to Listen Locally. The Listen Locally creators have a common goal of creating a community that is INCLUSIVE, not exclusive. We believe in coming together for the good of the group and we work every day to help promote local art, local music, local business, and local charity.

It’s no secret Kentucky art is on FIRE right now! There has never been a more exciting time to get behind the local scene that is growing right here in our own backyards.

We collectively have personal work experience in various fields including music, art, radio, business, education, graphic design, and charity. Together, with help from other locals who are passionate about creating an even stronger artistic community within our region, we strive to bring attention and appreciation to all areas of expression in this beautiful state.

Our motto:

We encourage everyone to embrace ANY opportunity to listen locally by engaging and sharing with each other in a variety of ways including music, theater, poetry, AND yes..in dialogue and conversation.

If you’re STILL curious and want to see our faces and learn more about the partners, visit this link: About Us