Jarfly Brewing Co. Partners With Listen Locally

Jarfly Brewing Co. has recently partnered with Listen Locally LLC to bring local venues dual sided coasters, with the mission of promoting local business, local craft, and local music. Listen Locally LLC is a giant fan of the Jarfly Brewing Co. and is honored to work with them on this adventure. Be on the lookout for the new coasters in nearby venues, which feature the Jarfly Brewing Co. logo on one side and the Listen Locally logo on the other.

Jarfly Brewing Co. is a brewing company housed in the famous Goldenberg building in Pulaski County. The historic location, situated in Somerset’s charming downtown retail hub, offers a vibe you really have to visit to fully understand. With much of the venue still housing original architectural elements, the history of the location can be felt immediately upon walking through the Jarfly doors. Jarfly Brewing Co. is the first Lake Cumberland area craft brewery and offers craft beer made with traditional ingredients like hops, water, yeast, and malted barley.

In addition to the tasty beverages created by mastermind proprietors Del and Daniel, Jarfly Brewing Co. has quickly become a home to incredible local music. The 2018 Master Musicians Festival begins on Friday, July 13th and organizers for the event meet there regularly. In addition, Jarfly opens their stage to musicians on a regular basis, merging their love for local beer with local music. Add on the fact that Jarfly features art from local artists all around and their venue becomes a perfect example of how business owners can merge all creative ventures into one hip place to hang out.

Learn more about Jarfly Brewing Co at www.jarflybrewing.com.
Learn more about the 2018 Master Musicians Festival at www.mastermusiciansfestival.org.


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