Ray Adams

Listen Locally LLC

About Ray

Ray brings experience to Listen Locally through his years in the music business as a producer, engineer, songwriter and performer. He also brings small business experience and skills with graphic design, web develoment, and marketing. Ray has seen the music community change and evolve over the years and is excited about the level of talent and the community passion for their local music scene. Kentucky has a long history of contributing great talent to the music world and NOW it is at a smoking level.

Listen Locally is more than a slogan. It's a passion, a drive and a commitment to our local music scene. It takes communication, involvement, collaboration and helping each other to make Kentucky's best, better.

  1. Owner of Listen Locally, LLC
  2. Co-Founder of the TC's Songwriters in the Round
  3. Co-Coordinator of the NSAI Lexington Chapter
  4. Producer/Co-Writer KET's "Kentucy Life" Theme Song
  5. 2016 LEXI Award winner for Song of the Year
  6. 2018 LEXI Award winner for Song of the Year

Ray Adams, owner of Listen Locally LLC, is a local singer-songwriter with great experience in working with some of Kentucky’s biggest names in country music. He was a long standing member of the Greg Austin Band and has worked regularly with people such as John Michael Montgomery, Troy Gentry, Southern Pacific, David Malickoski (Janie Frickie/Shania Twain), and Hyroller. Ray has opened for people such as The Judds, Exile, Steve Wariner, The Romantics, John McFee & Keith Knudsen (Doobie Brothers), and Stu Cook (CCR).

He shared LEXI award wins with co-writers for the 2018 and 2016 “Song of the Year” and is a co- coordinator of the Lexington chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). Ray co- wrote and produced the theme song for KET show “Kentucky Life”, hosted by Doug Flynn, and is the co- creator of the award-winning “Songwriters in the Round” at The Twisted Cork.

Ray is passionate about helping musicians and songwriters realize their full artistic potential and regularly donates time as a producer, engineer, graphic designer, and co-writer.